An Exclusive Watch Winder Automatic For Your Luxury Watch.

Luxury Watch

More than a timekeeping device, luxury watches are an expression of refined taste, grace, and class. It’s not hard to tell one’s personality by taking a look at their repertoire of watches. For such special watches, it is only expected to also put a bit more investment into the safekeeping and wellbeing of the collection. On top of the annual trip to upkeep your watches, a way to ensure that your luxury watches don’t go idling is by the help of an exclusive watch winder. A watch winder is a device in which your watches will rest on a watch pad when remaining unworn. The circular motion of the rotating watch pad imitates the natural movement of one’s arm. That very movement is the one that powers the watch to keep ticking, making sure that the machine inside remains engaged and your watch always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

One of the most exclusive automatic watch winder brands in Indonesia, Billstone, prides itself in being a heritage brand that combines safety, elegance, and savoir-fare in their creations. Since its inception in the 1970s, Billstone has been a forerunner in the local watch winder field, bringing in technology into elegant and timeless designs. From generation to generation, Billstone becomes a steady companion for watch collectors in safeguarding their precious collection for their own generations to come. Their collection reimagines one’s living environment and fosters a relationship between your home, personality, and your valuable collections.

One of Billstone’s most sought-after exclusive automatic watch winders is the Enigma 4 in Ebony. Standing on two metal bases, the Enigma 4 sets itself apart from the other watch winder. The elevated appearance gives it a more luxurious display for your watches, so that you can proudly include it in your personal space. The watch winder also comes with a LED light feature to illuminate and showcase your automatic watch collection. Housing up to four watches in a front-facing display, the Enigma 4 is individually programmed via a central control panel to ensure full control over the specification of each watch – a very important feature to meet the optimal function of the winders.

Each one of the watch winders in the Enigma can have its rotation direction and TPD (Turns-Per-Day) individually programmed via a central control panel. With the right setting, you can make sure that your automatic watch is optimally winded according to your watch’s recommended specification. Elegant and purposeful, the Enigma 4 is surely an exclusive watch winder automatic worthy of your luxury watch collections.