What is Watch Winder Box?

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A watch winder box is not only a beautiful tool to display your range of timepieces collection, it is also a great and handy tool that can help you maintain the form and precision of your automatic watch collection. First thing to know about a watch winder box is that it is only suitable for automatic or self winding watches – making it compatible for your Panerai Luminor, Rolex Daytona, and Omega Semaster. As automatic watches are made to be worn and kept active, they operate on the principle of winding themselves by moving the weight inside the watch. The weight of the watch swings or rotates as it is being worn – thus, winding the machines.

Different kinds of watches have different requirements of the amount of Turns Per Day (TPD) they have to meet to ensure that it keeps running perfectly. While not worn, the watch no longer receives the power it needs to wind itself – hence, the usage of the watch winder box. A well-designed and sophisticated watch winder box keeps the machines of unworn watches perfectly lubricated and ready to go at all times, making it a convenient tool for a horology aficionado to own.

One of the best watch winder box brands on the market is Billstone. The heritage brand has produced state-of-the-art watch winder boxes that combine technology, security, and a sense of savoir-faire in each of its watch winder boxes. Thoughtfully designed and crafted with a holistic understanding to the needs of automatic watches, the Billstone watch winder box accommodates to various watch sizes, with flexi-pads that adapts to the materials and sizes of your timepieces – ensuring that your timepieces retain their original form.

Each Billstone watch winder box comes with up to three years warranty, and offers various options of watch winder box that suits your needs. If you’re looking out to display a single holy-grail watch, you can opt for Billstone’s single watch winder box – The Collector 1. Made from the finest Mahogany wood material with a cream velvet interior,  this watch winder box is among the most popular Billstone watch winder boxes. Equipped with five rotation modes and fitted with a security key for your peace of mind, the Collector 1 watch winder box can comfortably house even the largest of the oversized watches in your collection.

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