What is Automatic Watch Winder?

Automatic Watch Winder

Any horology enthusiast would take pride in their vast collection of timepieces, but caring for the timepieces is a round-the-clock job. And sometimes, there isn’t just enough hours in a day, not enough wrist time for all of the collections. Enter, the automatic watch winder. Not only is it a helpful tool to assist the maintenance of your timepieces, it also provides a chic display that is suitable for your luxury timepieces. Although, not all of your timepieces need an automatic watch winder, for these handy tools strictly accommodate automatic winding timepieces, exempting manual winding watches and quartz watches.

An automatic watch is kept wound by the motion of the wearer’s wrist, so an automatic watch winder is a suitable tool to have if you don’t have enough wrist time for each one of your timepieces, yet still wants to keep it pristine and always ready to go. An automatic watch winder works by replicating the motion of the wrist and body, by rotating the watch in periods and intervals. Any luxury watch needs to meet its Turns Per Day requirements, and an automatic watch winder does so by maintaining energy and tension in the mainspring, ensuring a perpetually accurate reading of time on your timepieces.

Billstone provides a range of sophisticated automatic watch winders for your timepieces. Found in 1977, Billstone continues to strive for excellence, sophistication, all while creating secure and exquisite watch winders for your valuables. Designed by teams that understands the necessities of a luxury watch, Billstone’s designs thoughtfully accommodates the needs of luxury timepieces by providing the suitable material for the winders, as to keep your timepieces in pristine conditions.

Billstone’s watch winders also come in options of sizes for the watch cup and watch pad, with their watch pad being made out of flexi-pad that adapts to the size and shape of the watchband, and will not stick nor damage leather, steel, ceramic, cloth, and rubber straps. With up to three years of warranty, horology enthusiasts can pick according to their own liking and necessities, for Billstone offers numerous automatic watch winders: starting from single watch-winders, to the larger automatic watch winder that can house up to 24 watches. Billstone’s higher-end automatic watch winder also comes with a fingerprint lock feature, to ensure security of your collections. With its elegant design, Billstone blends security, savoir-faire, and a splash of creativity in bringing quality watch winders into your personal spaces.

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