Watch Winder Case

Watch Winder Case

You’re at the mall one day, and in passing, you walk by a display of watches moving in a circular motion. You asked yourself, what is that? It looks sophisticated, but what does it do? Why are the watches going around in a circle? What you passed by is a watch winder case, a tool that keeps your watches wound while being unworn.

A watch winder case moves in a circular motion to mimic the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist, as an automatic watch is powered by the moving and shifting of a machine inside the watch. Consider the watch winder case as an extra helping hand if you have one too many automatic watches in your collections to be kept wounded manually. A watch winder case will also help keep the time, day, and date precise – so you don’t need to spend more time winding it manually when you wish to wear the watch.

Billstone is an Indonesian heritage brand that offers an extensive line of watch winder cases. With more than four decades of experience in the industry, Billstone’s keeps innovating in how to best provide watch winder cases that are the full package: premium watch winder cases that are useful, beautiful, and secure.

Among Billstone’s collections is The Collector 2 watch winder case is the right choice for a his-and-hers collection with two dedicated motors. The Collector 2 watch winder case is finished with Ebony Wood veneer and then topped off with multiple layers of high-gloss, polished piano lacquer. The inside of the watch winder case is lined with khaki velvet to protect your watches from scratches.

Another collection, The Paragon 12 is a watch winder case that can house up to twelve watches, all in a front-facing configuration, so that you can watch your watch collections turn inside the watch winder case from an eye level. The Paragon 12 is a stafe-of-the-art watch winder case with a modern design and advanced winding technology that keeps your automatic watches precisely winded. Each motor’s turn direction and TPD (turns-per-day) can be set individually according to your watch’s specific need.

For those looking for a luxurious watch winder case that doubles as a cabinet, The Tower 24 realizes your James Bond daydream with its impressive hidden features that can only be accessed with an access card. This is definitely the choice for ultra-high net worth individuals that are interested by a watch winder case that is unlike any other.

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