Travel Watch Winder: What the Traveler Needs

travel watch winder

Precision and care are important when it comes to timepieces. But for those who travel the timezones and continents, keeping automatic watches running smoothly on the go can be a challenge. Enter the travel watch winder: an essential tool that ensures your timepieces remain accurate and ready-to-wear, no matter your adventures. This comprehensive guide will guide you into the world of travel watch winders, exploring their significance, how they work, and how to choose the perfect one for your needs.

The Importance of Travel Watch Winder

For the avid traveler and watch enthusiast, a travel watch winder isn’t just a luxury—it’s an essential tool. Here’s why:

  • Keeps Your Watch Accurate: Automatic watches need movement to stay on time. If you don’t wear it for a while, it can stop or lose track. A travel winder keeps it moving, so it’s always showing the right time, even when it’s not on your arm.
  • Protects Your Watch: Setting the time every time your watch stops can wear it down over time. A winder keeps it running, so you don’t have to adjust it as often, which makes your watch last longer.
  • Saves Time on Travel: If you have a few automatic watches and travel a lot, resetting them all the time can be a pain. A travel winder keeps them all ready to go whenever you need them.
  • Safely Stores Your Watch: Winders aren’t just about winding. They also provide a safe and protected spot for your watch, keeping it away from scratches, dust, and even moisture.
  • Keeps Your Watch Healthy: Just like your car needs to be driven sometimes to stay in good shape, your automatic watch needs movement too. If it sits for too long, the oil inside it can get thick and make it work worse. A winder keeps everything moving smoothly inside the watch, like healthy oil for a happy car!

Key Features of a Travel Watch Winder

So you’ve decided a travel watch winder is the way to go! Great choice. But with all the options out there, how do you pick the best one? Here’s a breakdown of the key features to consider:

  • Small and Easy to Carry: Since it’s for travel, the winder should fit easily in your suitcase or bag without taking up too much space.
  • Quiet Operation: Sharing a hotel room? You don’t want a noisy winder keeping everyone awake. Look for one that works silently.
  • Battery Powered: No need to worry about finding an outlet or dealing with different plugs in different countries. Get one that runs on batteries.
  • Adjustable Settings: Different watches need different winding. Choose a winder where you can adjust how much it winds and which direction it spins.
  • Holds Your Watch Securely: The watch holder should be adjustable to fit different watch sizes and keep it safe while it’s winding.
  • Keeps Dust Out: A cover will protect your watch from dust and bumps when it’s packed away.
  • Easy to Use: You should be able to figure out the controls easily, even if you’re in a hurry to catch a flight.

Travel in Style, Keep Your Watch on Time: Top Travel Watch Winder


Love to travel and have fancy watches? Keeping them running smoothly on the go can be tricky. Enter the travel watch winder! This handy tool keeps your automatic watch working, even when you’re not wearing it. But with so many winders out there, which ones are the best? We’ll show you some of the top choices that we recommend:

1. Billstone Collector 1 & 2 Series Watch Winder


Billstone Collector 1 & 2 series watch winder are considered a great option for budget traveler & watch enthusiast. 

  • The Collector 1  (L. 160 x W. 160 x H. 180 mm, 1.6 Kg) and Collector 2 (L. 251 x W. 160 x H.181 mm ) have a moderate footprint that might fit in larger suitcases or carry-on luggage.
  • Both Series offer the option of battery power (AA Batteries) alongside an 5V adapter. This eliminates the need for finding outlets or dealing with voltage differences while traveling.
  • Despite its affordable price, it’s well-made and visually appealing. The watch winder’s box is finished with Mahogany Wood and then topped off with polished piano lacquer. The inside of the watch winder is lined with khaki velvet to protect  watches from scratches.
  • It offers a large display window and operates with minimal noise, making them suitable for hotel rooms or shared accommodations. 
  • The watch pad is made of flexi-pad that adapts to the size and shape of the watchband & are fitted with a security key to protect watch.
  • With 75mm wide watch cushion, the Collector watch winder will fit even the biggest over-sized watch (Panerai, Sevenfriday, etc).

2. Billstone Avanti 2 Plus Watch Winder

The Billstone Avanti 2 Plus watch winder can be a good option for occasional travel due to its size and some features:

  • The Avanti 2 Plus watch winder  is travel-friendly. Its dimensions  (L. 160 x W. 240 x H. 220 mm, 2.6 Kg) make it easier to fit in a suitcase. This winder can store two watches while minimizing space usage, which is valuable for travel.
  • Like the Collector Series, the Avanti 2 Plus offers AA battery power alongside with 110V–240V adaptor, eliminating the need for outlets or dealing with voltage differences.
  • 5 pre-programmed rotation modes that accommodates most automatic watch’s winding requirements allow you to easily set up and use the Avanti watch winder while travel.
  • The watch winder’s box is finished with Carbon Fiber veneer and polished piano lacquer. The inside of the watch winder is lined with khaki velvet to protect  watches from scratches.
  • The watch pad is made of flexi-pad that adapts to the size and shape of the watchband & are fitted with a security key to protect watch.


For watch fans, Travel watch winders are more than just accessories As travel becomes easier than ever, keeping your automatic watches running smoothly can be a challenge. This guide helps you choose the perfect travel winder for your needs, so your watches stay on time, just like your adventures!

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