The Waiting List for a Rolex Submariner: How Long Should You Expect to Wait?

The Waiting List for a Rolex Submariner

If you’re a watch enthusiast, the allure of owning a Rolex Submariner is undeniable. However, the exclusivity of this timepiece often means facing a waiting list. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of waiting lists for Rolex Submariners and help you determine whether it’s worth the wait or if buying online is a better option.

The Duration of the Waiting List: Is It Worth It?

The waiting list for purchasing a Rolex Submariner from an offline dealer is a topic shrouded in uncertainty. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer regarding the exact length of time you’ll have to wait. Each case is unique, and guarantees are rare. Consequently, you’ll need to embrace the unknown. Nonetheless, it has been observed that loyal customers who have previously purchased multiple watches from official retailers tend to have a higher chance of obtaining one of these coveted models. Consequently, if your heart is set on the Rolex Submariner and you aren’t interested in buying other timepieces beforehand, your best bet may be to explore the secondary market.

Joining the Waiting List vs. Buying Online: What’s the Right Choice?

Now, let’s address the critical question: Should you endure the long waiting period associated with acquiring a Rolex Submariner from a boutique, or should you opt for purchasing it online? Ultimately, the decision rests with you. However, allow us to recount a personal experience that may shed some light on the matter. When a watch dealer showed increasing reluctance to secure the white Rolex Datejust 41 for John, our colleague, he decided to leave and place an order at another Rolex boutique. Yet, upon receiving no response from that store either, John made the choice to purchase the watch online. Although John had to pay a premium, it was a small price to pay after nearly a year of waiting. Furthermore, he had no intention of purchasing additional watches solely to climb up the waiting list at the boutique. What mattered most to John was owning his dream watch, and the uncertainty of ever acquiring it through the boutique prompted his decision. Even if John could have obtained the watch at the list price later on, it didn’t bother me. John had already enjoyed my dream timepiece for over a year, during which there were a couple of price increases.

Determining Your Approach: Waiting or Buying Online

In general, if waiting poses no inconvenience to you and you have other watches you wish to add to your collection, then joining the waiting list is a viable option. You might not be overly disappointed if the Rolex Submariner doesn’t materialize in the end. However, if the Rolex Submariner is your ultimate horological aspiration and you’re unwilling to purchase other watches solely to improve your chances, then buying online becomes the preferred route.

The waiting list for a Rolex Submariner can be an exercise in patience and anticipation. While the duration of the waiting period remains uncertain and varies from case to case, loyal customers do tend to have a higher chance of securing these sought-after timepieces. Ultimately, whether you decide to join the waiting list or opt for purchasing online depends on your personal circumstances and level of commitment to owning a Rolex Submariner. Choose the approach that aligns with your preferences and watch collecting goals, and revel in the satisfaction of owning this iconic timepiece.

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