The 5 Best Automatic Watch Winder from Billstone.

The 5 Best Automatic Watch Winder from Billstone

Your priceless timepiece collection deserves the best care and equipment to maintain its pristine condition, and Billstone has been a purveyor of high-quality watch winders since its inception in 1977. Behind each Billstone watch winders are the hours of undivided attention and craftsmanship by those who are experts on their respective fields. The team at Billstone’s background spans from private jet retrofitting engineers in the United States, Switzerland’s watch and jewelry industry specialists, to panic-room engineers — all committing their craft and experience to produce a high-end home for your valuables, that is also an extension of your dreams. With different features to accommodate different watches, here are 5 best automatic watch winders from Billstone.

Duoscape 2

The Duoscape 2 watch winder is adorned by a finely detailed Macassar wood finish, and is crafted for a luxurious and exotic impression. Versatile in accommodating to various watches, the Duoscape 2 can house up to two watches, each with a dedicated motor. For convenience, you can also set the winder to auto mode that configures most automatic watch needs. This elegant winder also offers an extra space where you can store jewelries, keys, or other personal belongings.

Fusion 12

For those who put forward security, the Fusion 12 watch winder is equipped by a fingerprint feature to ensure that your prized possessions are in safekeeping 24/7. One of the larger winders in Billstone’s collection, the Fusion 12 can store up to twelve automatic watches, with twelve dedicated motors that powers each and every watch perpetually. To set the high-tech winder, Fusion 12 comes with a fully customizable rotation mode that can be controlled via remote.

Collector 1

The Collector 1 makes a great winder to display a single watch on your bedside table, study, or other personal space. Finished with a handsome ebony wood and polished lacquer, the singular watch winder comes with a flexi pad to accommodate various bracelet sizes of different watches. Perfect for both his, and hers.

In Safe 2

As suggested by its name, the In Safe 2 is created to keep your most prized timepiece wound as it is kept inside a safe. With a fully customizable touch screen control, you have full customization of both the rotation mode, as well as the rotations per hour. The In Safe 2 is powered by rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, so there is no need to keep it plugged inside the safe. Talk about convenience and safety!

Paragon 6

A must have for serious horology enthusiasts, The Paragon 6 is best automatic watch winders from Billstone and suitable for high-end watches with unique winding specifications such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, and many more. Featuring an advanced winding technology, the motors in Paragon 6 can be set individually to adhere to the specific needs of your luxury watches. This watch winder sits up to two watches with a front facing glass display, so you can have an eye-level display of the watches as it turns inside the winder.

Those are the 5 best automatic watch winders from Billstone that you can choose to secure your luxury watch.


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