Paragon 6 Macassar Wood: Things To Know About

Have you heard about the best watch winder Billstone? Well, you should. Billstone is considered to be the most secure and exclusive watch winder. One of the best watch winders from Billstone is Paragon 6 Macassar Wood.

Best Watch Winder Billstone

Why does best watch winder Billstone are considered one of the best? Because although founded in 1977, they still exist and can maintain their exclusiveness. They are even being regarded as a leading brand that designs and develops the best watch winder.

Not only did they produce the most luxurious one, but also the best affordable watch winder. So you can choose from various range products that suit your need and of course, meet your financial situation.

Paragon 6 Macassar Wood Details

One of their products is Paragon 6 made from Macassar Wood. with the weight of 5,4 kg and dimension HxWxD 300x360x200mm, no wonder this product is well known. It’s especially wide enough to put 6 of your most precious watches collections.

The six motors can be set by using the touchscreen control panel. The exterior finish is covered with Macassar wood and a black piano finish. While the interior finish is fully covered with luxurious material black velvet, equipped also with LED lights, you can choose whether you want it to turn on or off.

If that’s still not enough to make you long to buy, Paragon 6’s rotation mode is with a touchscreen control panel. You can choose between three options, clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bidirectional. Amazing, right? Don’t forget the other accessories such as the security lock and power adaptor. Its power source is a 110V-240V adaptor, that way you can bring it when traveling.

Its modern design is complete with advanced winding technology that ensures your watches collections keep safe and do not run out. No wonder Billstone Paragon 6 Macassar Wood is suitable for your high-end watches collections, such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and other exclusive and high-end watches.

Still not impressed? Well, wait until you see the watch pad that is Flexi-pad, it can adapt with your watch strap size and shape. That way it won’t ruin your watch straps materials.

Paragon 6 Macassar Wood Price And Warranty

This luxurious yet affordable watch winder’s price is unbelievable compared with the product itself. Don’t believe me? Paragon 6’s price is IDR 15,300,000, pretty affordable, don’t you think so? Especially it’s also covered with a 1-year warranty just like the other watch winder collections.

Well, that’s wrap-up the topic about Paragon 6, one of the best watch winders Billstone. So go online and start searching for the best watch winder for your exquisite watches collections.

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