Most Popular Watch Winder Automatic Products from Billstone Official.

popular watch winder

Billstone is proud to be a heritage brand that remains at the forefront of the industry. With over forty years of experience in the craft, Billstone tops the chart through its cutting edge technology, sophistication, and its sheer dedication to the craft. With various products for budding watch enthusiasts, to hardcore timepiece collectors, let us take you to the most popular watch winder automatic products from Billstone that will help you find your watch’s match!

Duoscape 2 – Macassar

A luxurious watch winder made of the finest material, the Duoscape 2 Macassar is made with the highest level of detail. For those who are attentive to details, all the essential details are there – from the Macassar wood finishing that gives it an exotic and to the luxurious feel, to the premium black velvet lining.

The Duoscape 2 can house up to two automatic watches in a front facing display, and it comes with extra space on top to store your jewelry, or other valuable belongings. Fully customizable through the control panel, the Duoscape 2 is powered by a power adapter with three rotation directions.

Collector 1 – Ebony

For those who have a championing timepiece, you can proudly display it with the Collector 1. Made with a beautiful mahogany wood veneer finish, the Collector 1 is one of Billstone’s most popular watch winder automatics. To protect your watches from scratching, the Collector 1 features a khaki velvet interior.

Accommodating to most automatic watches in the market, this versatile watch winder automatic comes with five pre-programmed rotation modes. Running on a single dedicated motor, collectors can power up this watch winder automatic through a power adaptor or batteries.

Mystery 24 – Macassar

One of the most luxurious offerings from Billstone, the Mystery 24 is an automatic watch winder that is a truly state-of-the art watch winder that hides in plain sight. More than a tool, Mystery 24 offers a sense of surprise and an exciting experience. When closed, the watch winder appears as an inconspicuous table, but with a press of a button, it will be the center of attention when the motorized lift rises up to show your watch collection.

With a swivel, the watch winder will turn 180 degrees to show off another set of 12 watch winders on the backside. The sophisticated watch winder automatic can store up to twenty four watches, and is controlled through an advanced control panel.

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