Looking for Double Watch Winder? Here’s Our Recommendation!

Double Watch Winder

A watch winder is an intricate device that serves a simple purpose: to keep your timepieces running smoothly when it’s not worn on your wrist. The size and design vary following the specification, but generally, watch winders are divided into single watch winders, double watch winders, multiple watch winders, and other varieties that double as jewelry box or safe as well.

Although not a necessity, adding a watch winder to your collection can lend a helping hand in keeping your timepieces in a pristine condition. The watch winder can improve the longevity of the watch from the continuous movement, helps eliminate the hassle of having to manually wind your watches every day, and generally maintains the wellbeing of the watches.

If you’re looking for an extra pair of hands to help with your growing watch collection, our double watch winder might be the answer for you. The selection of Billstone double watch winder will keep your timepieces meticulously wound, and is compatible with most luxury  brands on the market today, from Rolex, to Patek Philippe, to Panerai and many more. The selection of double watch winders from Billstone can comfortably host two watches together, making it also a beautiful tool to help display your timepiece collections. Here are some of the preferred double watch winder from Billstone collection:


Paragon 2 – Macassar Wood

The Billstone Paragon is a state-of-the-art watch winder with a modern design and advanced winding technology that keeps your automatic watches precisely winded. Each motor’s turn direction and TPD (turns-per-day) can be customized through the sophisticated touchscreen control panel, ranging up to 2,200 turns-per-day, making the Macassar 2 the perfect double watch winder for luxury watches with unique winding specifications like Rolex, Hublot, Richard MIlle, etc. Each winding can also be set according to the direction your timepiece needs: clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bi-directional. With a luxurious Macassar wood exterior, black piano finish, and black velvet interior, this is the premiere option for a beautiful double watch winder.

BIllstone In Safe 2 

Another option for the double watch winder is the Billstone In Safe 2 in walnut. Specifically designed for safekeeping in an enclosed cabinet or a safety deposit vault, the In Safe 2 is the perfect choice for those looking for a double watch winder that puts forward security. This double watch winder comes with a Lithium-Ion battery that can last long without needing to be plugged into an electric socket, and is rechargeable as well. For easy access inside your safe, the In Safe 2 is designed without a door so you can quickly reach for your watches. 


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