Is A Watch Winder Good For A Watch?

Watch Winder Good for A Watch
[Time and time again, watch connoisseurs entertain the debates of whether a watch winder is beneficial for a watch. There’s been a difference in opinions on the matter, dividing horology enthusiasts into pro-watch winders, or against watch winders. However, it is always best and wise to understand what a watch winder really is before making the ultimate decision of whether you’d want to invest in one, or if you’d rather pass.

A watch winder is a device that is utilized to keep an automatic watch running while being left unworn. Because automatic watches operate by the self-winding mechanism that is triggered by the shifting of weights inside the watch when it’s worn, a watch winder fills in for when it’s dormant. A watch winder offers convenience for those whose collections consist of mostly automatic watches, and have limited time to ensure that it stays wound manually.

More than just a handy tool, a watch winder often comes in beautiful, sophisticated design. The facade of a watch winder is mostly adorned by a clear glass, from which you can see through to the watches being wound inside. Just like the scene-stealer from Marvel’s very own Dr. Strange, watching a watch turning inside a watch winder is a treat that never gets old. So, not only does a watch winder keep your watches ticking, it also makes a beautiful display of your collection. Depending on the amount of watches in your collection you need to be kept wound, there are various types of watch winder you can choose from: the single watch winders for a gorgeous one-seater display, the double watch winders for his and hers, even a larger watch winder that can comfortably house up to eight watches within the same box.

A watch winder is not only good to keep your watch wounded (even if that is its main purpose), or make a nice display in your living space. One of the most beneficial aspects of investing in a watch winder is the safety part. Most watch winders come with a lock and key, or if you’re in the market for a more comprehensive option, you’ll find watch winders that feature keypad lock, or even a fingerprint lock. Talk about securing your prized collections!

So, a watch winder is an investment worth considering not only to maintain the wellbeing of your beloved timepieces, but also to have a beautiful, sophisticated extra hand that keeps your watches safe, all while doing its job around the clock.

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