How to Wind A Rolex Watch?

Rolex Watch

Rolex is no stranger in the horology world. Oftentimes, a Rolex timepiece is a marker of a major life event or a significant milestone, and it is not out of place to find a Rolex watch being mentioned in someone’s wishlist. Maybe even your own.

But once you’ve crossed off ‘purchasing my first Rolex’ off of your bucket list, then what? One of the most frequent questions faced by first-time Rolex owners is how to wind a Rolex watch? Such concern is perfectly normal, as any watch owner would want to maintain a pristine condition of their watches, and the first step to ensuring such care is understanding how to properly wind a Rolex watch.

First of all, there need not be any concern in needing to wind a Rolex watch daily, as they are automatic timepieces. As long as you give the Rolex sufficient wrist time, the watch will keep running by itself. However, when left unworn for a period of time, there will be a need to wind the Rolex watch to help restore its power.

Before going all-in to wind a Rolex watch, make sure that the watch you are winding is held over a secure surface, and is held by a soft cloth to minimize risk in damaging the watch. After ensuring a safe place to wind the Rolex watch, ensure that the watch dial is front-facing, then you can start by unscrewing the Rolex crown. But instead of pulling it all the way out, gently turn it counterclockwise until you feel it pop from the case. Continue by turning the crown slowly to a clockwise direction towards a full rotation, and repeat this process for up to forty times to ensure a full wind that will once again, get the Rolex watch to start ticking.

After the first half on how to wind the Rolex watch, the next step is to set the date. You can do so by pulling the crown gently so it moves onto the second position. Once in the second position, you can start turning the crown forward to change to your desired date. Lastly, fully pull out the crown in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction to reset the hands. After adjusting the hands, you can return the crown to its initial position by pressing down on the crown. To avoid readjusting the date by accident, completely push the crown all the way through before screwing the crown. For the final step, screw the crown of your Rolex until it’s secure, and now you know how to wind a Rolex watch to ensure that your prized possession remains in the best condition!

Should you have a big Rolex collection and want to keep them all wound 24/7, simply acquire a watch winder that will do the hard work for you, all the while keeping your collection in one safe place.

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