How Do You Choose The Best Watch Winder?

The Best Watch Winder

Often overlooked, watch winders are a great and helpful tool in helping you grow and maintain the conditions of your timepieces, especially if your collection is an extensive one. Simply put, the best watch winder works by mimicking the motion of the wearer’s hand, encouraging the machines inside the watch to stay active – even when it is unworn.

A mix of functional mechanism and aesthetic, the best watch winder not only do they help keep your watches wound, they also make an excellent and sophisticated display to your personal space. To know exactly how and which watch winder suits your needs, and the needs of your watches best, we have compiled a few tips on choosing the right winder!

  • Find out the necessary TPDs of your watch

The most important aspect of a watch is its ability to rotate to various directions, depending on your necessary settings. Different watches have different turns per day (TPD) requirements, ranging between 650 to up to 1800 daily for most automatic watches. For instance, a Rolex would need 650 TPD bi-direction, while a Patek Phillipe needs 900 TPD clockwise and counterclockwise. If your collection is a fair mix of various makes and models, it is best to ensure that the winder can rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, or even bidirectionally to meet all potential needs of your watches in your collection. 

  • Decide the number of the best watch winder you need

Just by recalling the number of your collection, you can gauge how many watches you need a winder to host. Billstone carries an array of watch winder selections, ranging from a single seating watch winder, double winders for his and hers, even a larger winder that can safely wound up to twelve of your largest watches in the collection.

  • Pay attention to the pad of the best watch winder

One of the concerns of purchasing a watch winder is that the cushion or padding where your watches will rest for most hours of the day will stretch the leather strap, or the bracelet. Make sure that the paddings are made out of flexible and durable material that will not compromise the quality of your collections in the long run. 

  • Battery or plug-in?

Most watch winders are powered by a power supply that comes with an adaptor to be plugged in to be able to operate. But if you’re considering keeping the watch winder inside a safe or a closed-off space with limited access to electric power, you might want to look into winders that are lithium-ion/battery powered. 

Now that you know the most important aspects of choosing the best watch winder, you can confidently browse the catalog to find out which wider suits your needs best. One last tip from us is to listen to the needs of your watches, and to understand the characteristics as well. Treating your collection with the right attention and tools can significantly improve your watches’ longevity!


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