Billstone at Link Store in Wafi City, Dubai: Your Luxury Watch Haven Awaits

Link store wafi city

We’re thrilled to announce a new chapter for watch enthusiasts in Dubai! We’ve partnered with Link Store, a premier destination for luxury watches and jewelry in Dubai. This exciting collaboration brings Billstone’s renowned watch winders and watch boxes directly to you, offering luxurious experience for collectors.

Dubai have reputation as a global hub for luxury goods. The city attracts watch collectors worldwide with its extensive collections from prestigious brands. 

Link Store: Your Gateway to the Billstone Experience

Located on the first floor of Wafi City mall, Dubai. Now you can experience Billstone products firsthand in Link Store’s luxurious setting. Billstone’s presence at Link Store offers exceptional products and superior customer service, providing a seamless experience for all your watch care need. 

Link Store knowledgeable staff is eager to provide expert advice on selecting the perfect Billstone winder or watch box to complement your collection. Additionally, you can enjoy the convenience of purchasing Billstone products directly at Link Store, eliminating the need for international shipping.

Experience Billstone at Link Store Today!

For watch enthusiasts in Dubai, a visit to Link Store is now an even more enriching experience. With Billstone’s exceptional watch winders and watch boxes readily available, Link Store empowers you to elevate your watch collecting journey.

Visit Link Store today and discover the world of Billstone, where luxury meets innovation!

  • LINK Store , Wafi Mall at Wafi City – 1st floor – Oud Metha – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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