Best Watch Winder Box for Advanced Watch Collectors

Best Watch Winder Box

As your high-end or automatic watch collection increases, you need storage to manage and maintain them well. Indeed, you need a watch winder to accommodate all of your watches. Billstone has a variety of best watch winder box products for advanced collectors.

Paragon Watch Winder Box for 12 Watches 

Paragon is powerful enough for supporting 12 watches due to the 12 motors. You are about to place the watches in a 530mm x 360mm x 200mm. This product is perfect if you have a medium or a large room to keep all your watches.

The watch winder box looks simple, but it is attractive enough. The brand applies Macassar wood, along with black piano finish and black velvet finishes for the interior and exterior. The LED lights, touchscreen control panel, and security lock make this winder box functional and secure.

Watch Safe Full for 32 Watches 

As an advanced watch collector, you may have a lot of automatic or high-end watches at home. It will be great if you have a specific room to manage the collection. The put best, such as Watch Safe Full.

It is considered the watch winder box for advanced collectors because it accommodates up to 32 watches. Just like all Billstone’s products, this winder box is modest, but it looks luxurious with Metallic black and Ebony wood.

It even has a 50mm fire and drill resistant wall and also a secure electric lock to protect your precious watches. You can also store important documents on this winder box because it also has two drawers.

Fusion for 12 Watches 

In case you have high-end watches and need extra protection, the Fusion is the option. It protects up to 12 high-end watches, along with a fingerprint lock system. It means that only you can open the winder box.

The design of the best watch winder box is also solid and sturdy enough because it uses Macassar wood. You can still enjoy and monitor your watches, especially at night by only turning the LED lights on.

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