8 Brilliant Tips for Watch Winder Newbies.

Watch Winder Newbies

Watch winder newbies — Are you a budding horology enthusiast with too many watches on your hands? Do you often find yourself leaving home in a rush and then caught in a meeting by your co-worker with the question of “Is your watch dead”? 

If these resonate with you, we know the tool that might provide an extra hand for you! A watch winder is a contraption that can keep your watch readily wound at all times, eliminating the need to manually wind it upon every use. Here are some quick tips for watch winder newbies

  1. Set aside and categorize the watches that are your daily drivers, and those that are special occasion watches who will spend more time inside a watch winder instead of around your wrist. 
  2. Decide the size of the watch winder you need. Most winder brands carry a selection of single watch winder, double watch winder, four watch winders, even up to twelve watch winders with an extra space for jewelry and personal belongings. 
  3. Find out the needed turns per day of your watch, as well as the direction it needs to turn in (clockwise/counterclockwise/bi-directional). Different watches need different amounts of turns per day and direction – for example, a Tudor would either need 650 TPD bi-direction, or 900 TPD clockwise.
  4. Decide where you want to display the winder, as it will affect how you will power your winders. Most watch winders that are designed for table-top displays are powered by electricity that you have to plug in. But, some specific winders that are designed to be kept inside a safe are good to go only with the powers of batteries, or those models can also be rechargeable. 
  5. Research and understand the materials of your watch winders. As a tool that will host a collection that might turn into a heirloom, product longevity is something you want to prioritize. Make sure that your winder is made of durable material, and is guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  6. Decide the aesthetics you are going after: watch winders can look strong or chic, masculine or feminine, all while being elegant, opulent, and sophisticated.
  7. Understand how to set up the winder. Watch winders are fully customizable to suit your watches either by a control panel, a remote, or a touchscreen. To make most of your investment, understand how to control the tool to its best capacity.
  8. Last but not least, consider the position of your watch in the winder. Be it front-facing, or top-facing, the position of the watch can help ease of access each time you need to reach for the watch. 

It goes without saying that there are ample options to match your wants and needs in finding the perfect watch winder, we hope our tips for watch winder newbies can be useful in helping you find the right winder for your watches!

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