4 Tips to Buy The Best Luxury Watch Winder Box

The Best Luxury Watch Winder Box

There are a lot of watch winder boxes in the market. Indeed, you need to choose the best luxury watch winder box to protect your favorite collections. The luxury watch winder box buying guide below will help you to get the best one.

The Slots in the Watch Winder Box 

Ensure first how many watches you are about to save in a winder box. classify the watches based on the movement and focus on how many automatic watches you will put in the box. This information helps to decide how many slots in the watch winder box you need. It shortens the selection process because you can omit the boxes which have slots less than the number of watches.

Buy only for Watches Rarely Wear 

This trick is effective enough to get the best luxury watch winder box on a limited budget. The more slots on the watch winder box, the more costly the price. Instead of putting all the watches on the winder box, you would better choose only watches you rarely wear. It is not only cutting the budget but also ensuring that the watches last longer and safe until you wear them.

Portability of the Winder Box 

Portability is a crucial thing if you want to bring the box for traveling. The winder box should be compact enough, so it is easy to bring in your bag. Check also the power source. Instead of purchasing a corded watch winder box, you should bring a wireless watch winder box with AA batteries. This option is more convenient so you don’t need to bring a lot of accessories, including cables.

Check the Rotation Modes 

Checking the Turns Per Day or TPD is also crucial when purchasing a luxury watch winder box. Some luxury watches need 650 TPD, while others need 800. Read the manual or user’s guide to know the TPD the luxury watch needs.

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