3 Recommended Watch Winder for Your High-End Automatic Watches

3 Recommended Watch Winder for Your High-End Automatic Watches

Billstone is one of the most popular watch winder brands. It provides a variety of winder boxes for high-end automatic watches. The recommended watch winder boxes below can be an option for those who are looking for the best product.

Avanti 2 Plus

Avanti 2 Plus winder box for those who only have two high-end automatic watches. The design looks simple but elegant for putting high-end automatic watches. There is extra storage for putting two more watches, but it is non-rotate storage.

Despite its compact model, the manufacturer supports this product with LED light, 5 pre-programmed modes, and a security lock. The carbon fiber with high gloss, polished lacquer, and black velvet improves the luxurious model of this product.

Paragon 6 

High-end watch collectors who have at least 6 watches can use Paragon 6. It is a recommended watch winder because the design looks elegant. The Macassar wood and black piano finish make the exterior of this product looks so smooth.

Billstone adds black velvet for the interior finish to increase the luxurious sensation. The manufacturer even gives the touch of technology by applying a touchscreen control panel and LED light. Your high-end watches will be more attractive to see once you put them in this watch winder.

Paragon 12 

Do you have at least 12 high-end watches at home? If it is so, Paragon 12 by Billstone is one of the solutions to keep all of them well-managed and maintained. The specifications look similar to Paragon 6 watch winder box.

The brand also uses Macassar wood and black piano finish for the exterior and black velvet for the interior finish. For extra protection, Paragon 12 has a security lock that makes it a bit hard to open. You can set everything on the touchscreen control panel and turn on the LED light. It is another recommended watch winder for advanced high-end collectors.[:]

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