14 Unbelievable Things You never Knew About Watch Winder Automatic

14 Unbelievable Things You never Knew About Watch Winder Automatic

A watch winder is a device used to keep the watch running automatically when not in use and these are 14 unbelievable things you never knew about watch winder automatic.

  • Watch winder was first found in 1920.

The first watch winder in history was manufactured by horologist John Hardwood, to guarantee customers that his automatic watch movement can perform flawlessly.

  • Not suitable for all watches, watch winder works for automatic watches.
  • Watch winder automatic works by replicating the movement of your wrist.

Simulating the natural movements of your wrist, the automatic watch will keep rotating during the period it is left unworn. The machine inside works through the weight shifting with the movement as the winder turns.

  • Complex calendar systems? No worries!

Not enough time on your hands? Fret not! Watch winders are most beneficial for watches with complex calendar displays, namely the perpetual calendar, complete calendar, or even the moon-phase display.

  • Watch winder automatic can help reduce the possibility of damage! 

The time you save up from not going back-and-forth manually setting your watch is not only beneficial for you, but also for your watch as it reduces the possibility of accidental damage. 

  • Different models of automatic watches need different requirements from a watch winder automatic. 

While their watch pads might be one-size-fits-all, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to meet your watch’s requirements of Turns Per Day. Understanding the right amount your watch needs will help you make the most out of the watch winder automatic.

  • Watch winder automatic moves in various directions.

Adhering to the specificities of your watches, you can set your watch winder to move in the direction your watch needs: either clockwise, counter clockwise, or bidirectional. For example, your Rolex would wind bidirectionally, while some models of Jaeger-LeCoultre need counterclockwise winding directions. 

  • There’s so many features in a watch winder automatic!

While working on the basics of replicating your natural movement, a watch winder automatic can come with features as simple as a lock and key, up to a high-tech touchscreen control panel and fingerprint locks. You get to decide which make and model suits your needs best. 

  • Watch winder automatics are not always expensive! 

While you might bump into a more sophisticated and larger watch winder automatic models, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s nothing to cater for a smaller collection! Billstone Official carries various sizes that range in different price points to cater to all your automatic watch needs. 

  • Watch winder automatics are no fuss.

All you need to do to operate your watch winder automatic is to figure out the TPD and rotation mode your watch needs, pop the watch onto the wrist pad, and let the movement do the work.

  • Watch winder automatics does not harm your watch!

If anything, storing your watch on a watch winder will prevent underuse or overusage to the mechanics of the watch, helping prevent your watches on the long run.

  • Watch winder has various source of power options.

Following your needs, you can find that most watch winder automatic in the market run on either rechargeable batteries, or power outlets.

  • Watch winder automatics are absolute beauties!

More than a resourceful tool, a watch winder automatic can also help adorn your personal space with its gorgeous model. Most of Billstone watch winder automatics comes in a luxurious wood finishing, making it a beautiful addition to your space.

  • Watch winder automatics are versatile.

Some selected models of watch winder automatics from Billstone not only offer a high-tech watch winding tool, but also offer a sophisticated storage space for your valuable personal belongings. 

Now you know 14 amazing things about automatic watch winders. Are you interested in having it?

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