Automatic Watch Winder

An automatic watch winder rotates your automatic watch so that it keeps on ticking. With every rotation from the watch winder, the watch’s rotor moves and wind a hairspring that powers its movement. An automatic watch usually has a maximum power reserve of 72 hours, so if it is not worn or wound within 72 hours, it will stop. The lubricant that keeps the watch’s gears moving smoothly will dry up if there is no movement for more than 6 months, which will cause excessive friction within the watch’s mechanism and thus leading to accelerated wear and tear, reduction of the watch’s maximum power reserve, and reduced watch accuracy. The sure way to tell if your watch’s lubricants have dried up: if it takes noticeably more effort than usual to rotate the watch’s crown to wind your watch, the lubricants probably have dried up.

An automatic watch winder also frees you up from having to reset the time, date, and perpetual calendar of a watch that have not been worn for a while.

BillStone Watch Winder

BillStone watch winders are designed to optimally wind your automatic watches: not too little, and not too much, so that your watch is well-maintained and does not need to be serviced too often. BillStone watch winders are built with the finest wood material, precision machineries, and detailed finishing that gives the watch winder a luxurious touch so you can display it with pride. If you have a collection of expensive watches, maintain them with a BillStone watch winder.

Watch Winder Box

We sell watch winder box that do not harm your watch. Be careful with cheap watch winders that rotates your watches too much and cause over-winding, and whose motors are positioned too close to your watch which might damage your watch by electromagnetic field generated by the motor. Our watch winder box is guaranteed to take good care of your automatic watches.