A watch winder is a device used to rotate automatic (or self-winding) watches when they are not in use in order to keep the watch running. A watch winder usually comes in the form of a box with a rotating watch holder.

Most automatic (or self-winding) watches stop running after 3 days if left unworn. Watch owners with more than 1 watch or who do not wear their watch daily may not be able to keep their automatic watches winded sufficiently by wearing it alone. If the watch is left dead for too long, the lubricant in-between the watch mechanism will coagulate and dry up, therefore damaging the watch. It is like not turning on your car’s engine for months. An automatic watch whose lubricant has coagulated and dried usually gives resistance when winded by hand, loses accuracy, and has a reduced power-reserve. Another reason to use a watch winder is that an automatic watch with complications can take a lot of effort and time to recalibrate, therefore it is a good idea to keep it running.

First of all, determine what is the watch capacity you need for your watch winder. Take into consideration your plans to acquire additional watches in the near future. Secondly, decide whether you want a watch winder with simple settings where you only choose the rotation direction, or the more advanced watch winders with customizable TPD (turns-per-day). In general, automatic watches that are more expensive than a Tag Heuer should be winded with the customizable TPD winders because you can set the TPD to the optimal winding specification to ensure that your automatic watch’s mechanism is in tip-top shape.

Most of our watch winders can be powered by a hybrid of battery and DC adaptor. When the DC adaptor is plugged in, the power line from the battery compartment is cut-off, and only power from the DC adaptor is in use. When there is a power outage, the battery comes into play to ensure uninterrupted winding. Some models can only be powered by DC adaptor.

A watch winder can do more harm than good if used incorrectly in the following ways:

a. Watch winder rotates too much, causing the mainspring that stores the watch’s potential energy to be over-winded. One of our customers winded his Rolex with a low-quality watch winder that rotates 24 hours a day! The watch was winded non-stop and as a result the mainspring that gets compressed as a result of the watch’s movement does not have any chance to unwind. The poor rolex’s crown pops out of the watch as a result of the constant compression from the over-winded mainspring, and he had to spend $1,000 to fix it. The constant compression puts a lot of pressure on the mainspring, and permanently reduce the elasticity of the mainspring, which leads to a reduction in the watch’s reserve power Our watch winders only spend about 3-10% of the day rotating, and the remaining time is spent idling to allow the mainspring to unwind and let go of accumulated pressure from the compression that comes with each rotation. This much rotation is enough to keep most automatic watches winded. For our more advanced models with customizable TPD (Turns Per Day), you can configure how many times you want your watch to be winded. The right configuration will keep your automatic watch in top performance.

b. Electromagnets Watch winder rotors are moved with an electric dynamo that are powered with the principles of electromagnetism. Dynamoes that are not properly shielded or are too close to the watch being winded can damage your automatic watch over time. We make sure each of our dynamo is properly shielded and placed as far away from the watch as possible to ensure that your watch is not affected by electromagnetism.

c. Low quality interior material that comes in contact with watch straps Cheap winders with low quality PU leather are known to have the leather peel off after 1-2 years of use. This peeling off process is catalyzed by sweat particles on your watch strap. The PU leather peels off in tiny bits which then stick to your leather strap and is very hard to remove. In some cases, the peeled off PU leather causes skin irritation. Our watch winders are lined with fine and soft interior lining that is friendly to leather, rubber, silicone straps, and stainless steel and ceramic bracelets.

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