Billstone was born from a simple idea: to create the most trusted Home For Your Valuables. 

Founded in 1977, Billstone has thrived to design, develop, and craft the most secure and exquisite safes in the world. 

Since then, Billstone transitioned as the leading architect of luxury safes, watch winders, and jewelry accessories. 

Blending security, savoir-faire, and a splash of creativity, Billstone has perfected the art of creating timeless designs. Our focus is to reimagine your living environment and foster symbiotic relationships between your home, your personality, and your valuable collection.

From refined watch winders to secret storage spaces, and from fireproof safes to subtle jewelry boxes, Billstone takes pride in providing a new sense of well-being in your intimate personal space and daily life.


Our team is inspired by the boundless opportunities in blending security, functionality, and design in redefining the living space of your valuables.

Composed of engineers, thinkers, designers, and creators, our team’s background spans from private jet retrofitting engineers in the US, watch industry experts in Switzerland, jewelry industry specialists, and panic-room engineers. Together, we create timeless Home For Your Valuables as an extension of your dreams. 


Over the past four decades, we have perfected the art of design, developing leading products for your most cherished items. We take pride in juxtaposing safety with design in effortless ways. Our unique combination of skills is a testament to our long-lasting relationship with luxury collectors around the world. 


Our fine-finishing is what distinguishes us. From our designer safes to our watch winders and jewelry box, every corner has been carefully crafted. We have mastered the art of fusing cutting-edge technology, combining alloys, materials, and designs. 


Safety is our utmost priority. Our DNA was cultivated around safety to meet the needs of your valuables, and allow them to recharge with the peace of mind you deserve.  


1977-1998          1999-2020


Mr. Karto Wiwiksana starts his career as a salesman selling safes in Jakarta, Indonesia.


After acquiring invaluable experience in the industry, Mr. Karto establishes a company specialized in the distribution of safes and vaults for banks and offices.


Mr. Karto takes a leap of faith and builds his very own production facility that handles the designing and manufacturing of superior safes and vaults.


The safes are certified by an independent fire safety laboratory, earning the highest grade in fireproof safety rating.


Words of the safes’ reputation go out, and buyers emerge from Singapore to Thailand, Vietnam to Cambodia, and Hong Kong to Nigeria.


Mr. Army Wiwiksana, son of Mr. Karto Wiwiksana, returns from the USA after establishing a career as an aviation engineer in a private jet engineering company, and joins Mr. Karto in the safe business.

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Mr. Army envisions safes retrofitted with iris and fingerprint locks – building luxurious safes with built-in watch winders for automatic watches. This move also enabled an expansion from the traditional B2B market, and into serving end-consumers.


Billstone launches its first wooden watch winder product line, made with exotic wood from the depths of the Indonesian rainforests.

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Billstone expands its product vertical to high-end jewelry boxes – designing the first product suited for jewelry and watch collectors alike.


Billstone is renown as a leading international brand, expanding rapidly across the Middle-East, Europe, and the US. The company is also commissioned by royal families in the Middle-East to craft personalised watch winder safes.

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Armed with a global team spanning from Switzerland, United States, France and Indonesia, Billstone quickly cements its position as the leading international brand in the high-end collectible safety industry.